1st Jan


A new beginning

Many cities, such as Edinburgh, mark the start of the New Year with spectacular fireworks displays.  But does your New Year resolution to be a “new you” soon fizzle out in ashes like last night’s fireworks?  Are you tired of past failures?  Perhaps you need a new beginning, but not one based only on your own efforts to do better.  A man called Zacchaeus experienced long ago a new beginning when he met Jesus Christ.  The encounter with Jesus challenged him to turn from what he had been – selfish, greedy and exploitative of other people – to what he could become as a follower of Jesus. A new beginning for each of us comes through a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ.  You might like to begin the process by finding a place where you can be alone, muting your iPhone, reading the story of Zacchaeus and prayerfully reflecting on its significance for you.  You’ll find his story in chapter 19 of the New Testament book of Luke.  You might also like to tune in to this week’s featured audio in which Florence takes us through the story of Zaccheus and his new beginning.

Happy New Year!