8th Nov


Who is singing over you?

Do you enjoy singing, or listening to other people singing?  Several years ago, I used to sing with the Leeds Philharmonic Chorus.  I enjoyed going to choir practice on Thursday evenings and it was great fun when the time came for us to perform the pieces we’d been rehearsing for months.  I think all of us got a big buzz from singing in the magnificent Leeds Town Hall.

But, did you know that God sings?  In Zephaniah 3:17, we read that the Lord rejoices over us with singing.  So, not only does he sing, but he does it joyfully, and we are the reason for him singing!  Isn’t that amazing?  Perhaps you don’t think that God is particularly interested in you – after all, does he not have more important people to focus on or better things to do with his time, you might ask?  Well, take heart – as one who loves and follows the Lord Jesus Christ you have every reason to believe he is rejoicing over you with singing.