1st Jan


Have you made any New Year resolutions yet?  I heard about a woman who made a new year’s resolution to eat more chocolate while her husband resolved to watch more football.  Needless to say, they didn’t have any trouble keeping to their ...

6th Dec


I’m looking forward to speaking at this Christmas event on 19 December! Hope to see you there!

8th Nov


Do you enjoy singing, or listening to other people singing?  Several years ago, I used to sing with the Leeds Philharmonic Chorus.  I enjoyed going to choir practice on Thursday evenings and it was great fun when the time came for us to perform the ...

2nd Oct


Join Florence for a ‘Managing your emotions’ special audio feature available for three weeks from 2 October.  Important topics she will deal with are: Gratitude (An attitude of gratitude); Worry (Antidote to worry); Anxiety (Anxiety-free ...

3rd Sep


Do you know what it’s like to experience drought, where you feel dry emotionally and spiritually?  Your prayers seem to go unheard, your bible reading is dull, your worship is heartless and going to church leaves you dissatisfied.  Well, I’ve been ...