3rd Sep


Surprising provision!

Do you know what it’s like to experience drought, where you feel dry emotionally and spiritually?  Your prayers seem to go unheard, your bible reading is dull, your worship is heartless and going to church leaves you dissatisfied.  Well, I’ve been there too.  I was encouraged recently to read in 1 Kings 17:1-7 about how God provided for his servant Elijah in a predictable, and then a very unpredictable, way.  First of all, He sent him to the stream Cherith – a very reliable water source in a dry land.  Then, He commanded ravens to feed him morning and evening.  Now that is unpredictable!  In times of spiritual drought, God often sends us to reliable sources of supply like His word and perhaps books or messages that we’ve read or heard many times.  But He also supplies our spiritual needs in surprising ways.  When I was in a drought situation, someone whom I hardly knew gave me some CDs I found very helpful.  If you’re going through a drought, get to the reliable sources of spiritual nourishment – and then wait for your heavenly Father to send the ravens!