24th Mar


The theme of Psalm 91 can be summarised like this: despite the uncertain and often dreadful circumstances of life, safety and security are to be found by those who reside and abide in the presence of God.  In these times of uncertainty, especially as ...

18th Mar


I think you’ll agree there’s an awful lot of insecurity in our world.  Internationally, there is news of war and rumours of war, financial instability as major world currencies fluctuate wildly against each other, and growing concern about the ...

14th Feb


Pop and rock stars sing about it.  Romantic novelists write about it.  Pastors and ministers preach about it.  It would seem we just can’t live without it.  But what is “it”?  It’s love. To continue reading, tap here.

1st Jan


Many cities, such as Edinburgh, mark the start of the New Year with spectacular fireworks displays.  But does your New Year resolution to be a “new you” soon fizzle out in ashes like last night’s fireworks?  Are you tired of past failures? ...

6th Dec


It was in the middle of July when I heard it on an Internet radio station: “Only 162 days till Christmas”!  I groaned inwardly and thought, Oh, no, they’re not starting the Christmas countdown already!  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love ...